Did You Know…

One of the biggest drains to commercial refrigeration efficiency and effectiveness is also one of the easiest and most inexpensive to fix. 

According to Cooper Mechanical Services Mike Ruggieri, replacing bad gaskets and closures on freezers and refrigerators is one of the most common repairs the team does to improve cooling costs and temperature control. The gasket that creates the seal between the refrigerator door and unit is exposed to a lot of wear and tear, and overtime the seal can deteriorate and start leaking. 

Bad Seal? credit: Flickr user fiverlocker

The Effects of a Bad Gasket on Your Refrigerator

A bad gasket that lets in air is not just bad for your energy bills; it also strains your refrigeration unit by making it work overtime to hold cool temperatures, which can lead to much more expensive problems.

A leaking gasket can also increase chances of food spoilage and a rotten score on your DHEC inspection–all expensive costs that business owners want to avoid. 

It is best to replace leaking or worn gaskets immediately. This repair doesn’t involve any mechanical components, so a DIY fix is an option. Should you decide to repair it yourself, you will need to identify the appropriate part number on the seal itself or in the owner’s manual. Be sure that that replacement seal is built for your exact model to ensure proper fit. Of course, Cooper Mechanical Services can quickly replace your gasket and bring back a tight seal on your refrigerator or freezer.

Do-It-Yourself Leak Tests

While Cooper Mechanical Services has equipment on our trucks to test the seal on your refrigerator, there are some simple ways to investigate and locate gasket leaks on your own.

Visual Inspection: Scrutinize the gasket with the door open and closed and look for tears or deterioration. 

Wipe it Down: Believe it or not, dirt and grime may be preventing the gasket from creating a tight seal. Use a web sponge or rag to clean off the gasket.

Paper Test: Sometimes called the “dollar bill test” (although a thin scrap of copy paper will work), this involves placing a thin piece of paper in the seal, closing the door and then trying to pull it out. Do you feel resistance as you pull, or does it slide out easily? 

Save Money, Increase Efficiency

Cooper Mechanical Services knows Myrtle Beach runs on the service and hospitality industry. We know how important it is to have your food service equipment working properly and efficiently. Our team is dedicated to providing stellar refrigeration, HVAC and electrical service including 24/7 emergency service. Call Cooper to see if our refrigeration specialists can save you money and increase the efficiency of your freezers and refrigerators.