When the cool air stops flowing, you need to have a commercial services contingency plan.

Nothing brings a business to its knees like unexpected emergency repairs, especially when you don’t have a commercial service provider you can rely on. Many business owners will try to take a look at their unit to see if they can troubleshoot the problem before calling a technician. Some of the common problems to check for include: 

Clean Ducts

When a rooftop unit appears to be operating, but failing to deliver cool air throughout your building, the source of the problem could be that your ducts are dirty or that there is an obstruction. Especially with larger commercial systems, the air might be trying to travel through ducts that are long and extensive – therefore they need to be as clean and clear as possible to make the air flow successful. 

Dirty Air Filter

Air filters should be changed on a regular basis. When an air filter becomes clogged with dust or other small allergens, it loses the permeability that makes it an effective filter. Air must be able to pass through and emerge clean on the other side, or the efficacy of your air conditioning unit will be impacted.

Mechanical Issues

It could be that none of these possibilities is the culprit. If there is no way to troubleshoot with simple solutions, there could be a mechanical problem with the coolant capacity of your unit. In this case, calling a professional is your best solution for system repair. What good is a system that blows around hot, unconditioned air? You are wasting time and losing productivity with every second you delay. 

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