What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. 

It could be love, Romeo. Or maybe just some strategically placed landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting can be more than just a porch light. Modern lighting solutions add safety, security and beauty to your home, and new LED technology make them energy efficient and long-lasting

Outdoor Lighting for Safety

From a purely functional standpoint, a well-lit walkway and front door minimizes chances of injury from tripping or falling. If the path of entry includes stairs or uneven walkways, proper lighting is critical for the safety of you and your family. 

Small landscape garden lights can line a walkway, and bullet lamps can highlight door and stairways. Flood and well lights are also helpful in brightening the path from the road to your door. 

Outdoor / Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Lighting for Security

Last week we discussed indoor lighting solutions and the security that comes from a well-lit home. Outdoor lighting, especially when used with timers or automation systems, can help deter intruders from selecting you or your home as a target. Lighting foliage, landscaping and shrubbery can easily turn a great hiding spot into a well-lit stage. 

Outdoor Lighting for Beautification

Does your home have curb appeal? One way to enhance the attractiveness of your home is to use outdoor lighting to highlight architectural features and landscaping. A beautifully lit exterior creates ambiance and warmth in addition to providing safety and security. Looking at home, garden and architectural websites and magazines is a great way to get ideas for creating the perfect outdoor atmosphere with well-placed outdoor lighting.

Modern Outdoor Lighting Solutions Are Smart

One of the great advances of modern lighting solutions are that many manufacturers’ products can be connected to your home network and controlled wirelessly via a mobile device. The benefits of automated lighting systems, or smart light, are many. Create custom settings for different seasons, or rely upon sensor controls to adjust the amount of light emitted. Modern technology allows for an unprecedented amount of customization and control, all while maximizing efficiency and cost-savings. 

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