Underwater and pool deck lighting is an important safety measure and South Carolina DHEC requirement, one that hotel and Myrtle Beach rental property managers know well. But effective poolscape lighting can also create a seductive mood and improve your property’s brand and image, attracting guests to your resort or rental property.

How Does Pool Lighting Lure Guests to Your Hotel?

You’ve likely seen images of a luxury hotel poolscape at night: a perfectly clean and empty pool, transluscent aqua blue water lit with LED and fiber-optics, surrounded by smart architectural lighting on the pool deck. It’s a familiar shot, but one that works so well, in fact, that there are architectural photographers specializing exclusively in pool photography.

These types of lit-pool scenes are effective because they do more than showcase a feature of the hotel or property; they make a promise of luxury, tranquility, and relaxation. Lighting psychology (yes, this is a real field) examines how lighting stimuli affect our mood. It is especially important in hospitality, but it used effectively in any situation where you want to persuade and positively affect a subject. Pool lighting and strong photography and marketing can lead to higher conversion rates and greater guest satisfaction.

John Flynn, one of the pioneers or lighting psychology found that “architectural lighting plays a much more significant role in the human experience than simply as an enabler of task performance.” Essentially, the pool lighting is much more important to guest satisfaction than allowing them to see where they are swimming and walk around the pool without tripping.

What Pool Lighting Options Are There?

Underwater and swimming pool architectural lighting options are available for all budgets, and new developments in LED and fiber optics have transformed what is possible. From in-deck fiber optics to color-lighted arched streams of water, modern lighting solutions are dynamic visual displays that can capture attention and transport guests to a state outside of the ordinary. In short, your pool lighting makes good on the promise to offer a true vacation from the commonplace of guests’ everyday lives.

Additionally, modern pool lighting is fully customizable via smart lighting tools. Adjust brightness, color and display patterns remotely with fully wireless control. The daytime poolside can gradually change to a calming blue with dancing shadows ready for evening entertaining when your system’s sensor detects decreasing ambient light levels.

Call Cooper for Pool Lighting Solutions

Cooper Mechanical Services has been serving Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand resorts and hotels since 1989. Our electrical team is licensed to bid on projects of all sizes, and our lighting experts are well-versed in the options available to commercial properties looking to enhance their brand with smart lighting solutions. We know how important lighting psychology is because we are just as captivated by elegant poolscape lighting as your guests and visitors.

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