Underwater pool lighting solutions are required for commercial properties allowing night swimming, and they also make some spectacular settings to allure guests. Whether it’s an underwater LED pulsating different colors, or fiber optics dazzling starlight across the water’s surface, pool lighting has come a long way. 

Regardless of how simple or advanced the underwater lighting is, what’s most important is that you have an experienced and trustworthy electrician do the work

Electrocution is a Hidden Danger

When you think of pool safety, most think of the preventative measures taken to prevent drowning or head trauma from shallow water diving. However, electrocution is a real possibility, even if it is less common. Between 1990 and 2003 there were 60 deaths from electrocution in a pool. If this number seems low, it’s probably because of the strict codes and laws in place to ensure safe lighting.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the most common culprits of electrocution in a swimming pool are faulty lighting, aging electrical wiring, and the use of pool vacuuming and pumping equipment without GFCI grounding.

Tips for Preventing Pool and Poolside Shocks

Have an electrician with expertise in pools and spas install, inspect, and repair your pool lighting. Cooper Mechanical Services stay up-to-date with all electrical codes and are proud members of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors. We look for faulty lighting and aging wires for pool safety.

Provide National Electrical Code (NEC) required GFCI for the following:

  • Underwater lighting circuits
  • Pumps and electrical equipment for pools and spas
  • All electrical circuits around the pool deck area within 20-feet of the water

Test GFCIs regularly and schedule inspections of pool lighting and electrical

Call an Electrician You Can Trust

Call Cooper Mechanical Services for your pool lighting and electrical needs. Our team of expert electricians has been servicing the Myrtle Beach area for nearly 30 years. We know code, and we know the need hotels and resorts have for safe and attractive pool and spa amenities.