R-22 Has Been Phased Out

Chlorodifluoromethane, commonly known as R-22, is a colorless gas and a popular refrigerant used in older HVAC systems. It’s use has been steadily decreased over the last couple of decades because of its adverse environmental effects. R-22 is a greenhouse gas and a big ozone depleter. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has made it illegal to produce R-22 after January 1, 2020. So that’s it for R-22. What is out there now can be used, but once it is unavailable, it will no longer be produced. So what does this mean for people with HVAC systems that run on R-22?

Goodbye R-22: Adapt Now or Upgrade Later

Essentially, the disappearance of R-22 leaves you with two choices: adapt now or upgrade when your current HVAC system breaks or R-22 becomes too scarce or too expensive. It is possible to retrofit your current HVAC system so it will run on R-410A, the refrigerant that has replaced R-22. The skyrocketing price of R-22 is expected as the remaining amounts dwindle. However, most systems still using R-22 are probably nearing then end of their normal lifespan, so replacement is a much more economical decision. 

R-22 Users Should Plan Ahead

We completely understand that a full HVAC system replacement is a large cost. If you are currently using R-22, consider budgeting some each month to plan ahead for your eventual upgrade to a R-410A system.

There may even be tax credits that you can take advantage of to help offset some of the costs. Federal tax credits for HVAC upgrades can be found on the EnergyStar.gov website

Additionally, Cooper Mechanical Services may be able to help you take advantage of South Carolina rebates like the Santee Cooper Energy Efficiency Rebates for home and businesses. 

Finally, if you plan ahead, you can schedule your retrofit or system upgrade between seasons. Summer in Myrtle Beach is a very busy time for all HVAC companies, and if your old R-22 unit fails, you may need to wait before a new unit can be installed. Planning ahead allows us to schedule an installation during a more temperate time of year.

Call Cooper for HVAC Upgrades in Myrtle Beach

If your R-22 HVAC unit is leaking refrigerant or not cooling like it once was, it might be time to replace it. Cooper Mechanical Services can help you find a properly-sized unit as well as take advantage of any rebates and tax credits that might help offset the cost.

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