Customizable Restaurant HVAC Clean & Service

Restaurants and commercial kitchens are a large part of Myrtle Beach’s tourism and service sector. The draw of the Grand Strand’s warm weather and sprawling beaches brings millions to our restaurants, hotels, and businesses. For those in the food and beverage industry, offering a quality product with exemplary service is essential, and restaurant owners and managers work hard to maintain a high level of customer and employee satisfaction. One part of achieving that goal is maintaining a safe and comfortable kitchen and dining area. 

Keeping your restaurants HVAC and refrigeration systems working in peak performance usually isn’t a priority until something breaks and you are forced to close for repairs, losing money and frustrating both customers and employees. The best way to keep your Myrtle Beach restaurant’s HVAC and refrigeration units in top shape is to schedule regular cleaning and service with Cooper Mechanical Services.

Keep Employees and Customers Comfortable

One way to keep diners and workers happy is to make sure your restaurant is properly cooled during the hot months and heated during the cold ones. Commercial HVAC systems have their work cut out for them in South Carolina summers. Do you know if your Myrtle Beach restaurant’s HVAC units are in good health? Are they clean? If you don’t know the answer, you will benefit from a Clean & Service contract with Cooper Mechanical Services. 

An HVAC Clean & Service includes the following:

  • Chemically treat and thoroughly clean all condenser and evaporator coils
  • Clean all drain lines and drain pans
  • Inspect all electrical components and HVAC wiring
  • Test thermostats
  • Inspect and test safety controls

One of the key benefits of scheduled services is knowing the state of your HVAC system and being able to identify potential issues before they occur. There is a clear cost-benefit in being able to fix small issues before they snowball into major system failures.

The ‘V’ in HVAC is for Ventilation

Ventilation is especially important in restaurants where kitchens and dining areas can become hot and humid from having a lot of people and hot kitchen equipment. In the back-of-the-house, the exhaust and makeup system removes hot, greasy, and steamy air through the hood and replaces that air with “makeup air” from outdoors. This cycling system improves air quality and keeps pressurization stable (you may have experienced exterior doors suction closed from imbalanced air). 

During the ventilation portion of a restaurant Clean & Service visit, a Cooper technician will inspect exhaust and makeup air systems thoroughly to make sure they are working and will continue to work as they should. 

We Also Do Refrigeration, Ice Machines, and Air Cleaners

Depending on your restaurant’s needs, we can also service and repair refrigerators, freezers, walk-ins, and ice machines. Our expertise with air purifiers can also help older restaurants looking to “clean up” a lingering stale smoke odor. 

Keep Your Restaurant Safe and Comfortable

Cooper Mechanical Services has nearly 30 decades of experience working with Myrtle Beach restaurants. Our HVAC and Refrigeration Clean & Service contracts are fully customizable to your needs and the frequency with which you need maintenance. 

If you’re interested, let’s chat. We can look at your restaurant’s HVAC and refrigeration systems and create a service agreement that works for you.