Cooper Mechanical Services Specializes in Restaurant Systems

We spend a lot of time on the blog writing about residential and business HVAC systems, but there’s one sector that Cooper Mechanical Services knows well: the restaurant and food service industry. HVACR and ventilation systems in restaurants are more than just providers of comfort. Heating, cooling, refrigeration, and ventilation are needed for safe working conditions, DHEC permits, and safety. Cooper Mechanical Services recognizes the fact that the Myrtle Beach service industry depends on reliable, efficient HVAC, refrigeration, and ventilation system to keep their doors open. Our team provides fast and reliable service to Myrtle Beach restaurants.

Protect Investments with a Clean & Service Agreement

Commercial HVAC, make-up air, and refrigeration systems can get expensive. The best way to maximize the life of your equipment is through regular cleaning, inspection, and testing. Cooper Mechanical Services offers restaurants customizable Clean & Service agreements based on your needs. 

For restaurant HVAC systems, a full cleaning will:

Chemically treat and clean all evaporator and condenser coils

Clean drain pans and drain lines

Check thermostat operations

Inspect electrical components

Test all safety controls

Additionally, we will inspect your exhaust and make-up air systems. These components remove dirty air, typically with particulates of grease and organic matter, and replace it with make-up air from outside the building. 

Cooper Mechanical Services will inspect to see that both aspects (ventilation and make-up) are working in tandem so pressurization issues don’t arise. Often our techs will repair small problems like loose belts, possibly avoiding costlier, more serious repairs.

Refrigeration and Ice Machine Service

Cooper can chemically treat and treat refrigeration coils for walk-ins, case displays, and other common commercial refrigeration units. We also can clean and repair ice machines

To learn more about how Cooper Mechanical Services can help you keep your restaurant in clean, working order, contact us today.