Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) relates to the condition and quality of air in homes and buildings. Air quality affects health, and poor indoor air quality can cause or exacerbate respiratory issues. Controlling indoor pollutants from smoking, mold, allergens, and more can improve one’s health and prevent illness. Ventilation and circulation are important components of having good indoor air quality. To help readers learn more about this subject, we’ve compiled our most informative indoor air quality blog posts. 

Round-Up: Indoor Air Quality Blog Posts

Is Adding an Air Purifier Worth It?” Air cleaning manufacturers make bold claims. See what the EPA has to say about them and consider whether the investment is worth it for you and your family.

4 Easy Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality.” This post is focused on simple things you can do around the house like changing filters, deep cleaning, smoking outside the home, and opening windows for better air circulation.

Wipe Out Dust and Improve Indoor Air Quality.” Ceiling fan blades, tops of furniture and cabinetry, and carpeting love to collect dust. Clear out dust mites and improve breathability in your home or workplace.

How Is Indoor Air Quality Tested?” Most HVAC companies offer indoor air quality testing. But what does that mean? Learn about the factors the affect indoor air quality and why HVAC technicians are equipped to address these problems. 

Improve IAQ in Myrtle Beach During Allergy Season.” South Carolina in the spring can be an allergy nightmare with yellow pollen clouds everywhere. Follow these tips to keep allergens outside and clean air inside.

Dry Air and Cracked Skin: Indoor Humidity and Comfort.” Winter brings cold, dry air. Indoor heating also can make things dry. Improve the humidity in your home and improve skin dryness and soreness.

Hotel and Motel Indoor Air Quality.” Myrtle Beach businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry need to address air quality issues, too. Learn about how our coastal climate can affect indoor air.

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