An Air Humidifier in the Summer?

In South Carolina, we usually take out air humidifiers in the winter when the weather is dry and cold air can lead to irritated respiratory systems, cracked skin, and more. Humidifiers are tools that simply add moisture back into the air by converting a reservoir of water into vapor and distributing via a fan and a directional vent. 

It sounds counterintuitive, especially in hot and sticky Myrtle Beach when humidity is extreme during the summer months. But running a cool air humidifier this spring and summer can help you stay more comfortable and healthier when you’re indoors.

Constant HVAC Cooling Causes Low Indoor Humidity

It’s normal to have your HVAC unit running almost constantly during a Myrtle Beach summer where temperatures in the upper 90s and extreme humidity is commonplace. Your HVAC unit cools your home or business by drawing warm air through your system and over evaporator coils. Heat and moisture in that warm air is condensed and moved outside of your home. So as the the air recycling back into the room is cooler, it is also dryer. 

This loss of moisture usually isn’t a problem. But running your HVAC around-the-clock, like we do in the hottest months of the summer, can lead to some very dry indoor air.

Benefits of Adding Humidity to Your Home in the Summer

Whether you choose to use free-standing electric humidifiers in multiple rooms, or choose to add a whole-home humidifier to your HVAC system, adding humidity in the summer has benefits.

Proper Humidity is Healthier and More Comfortable: The discomfort that results from dry air will be minimized. Alleviate problems associated with dry eyes, nosebleeds, dry skin, and more that develop from constant air-conditioning and low humidity.

Protect Your Home and Possessions: If indoor humidity is too low or too high, you may notice doorways, wood floors, and even things like furniture or wooden instruments warping, cracking, and more. 

Cooper Mechanical Services Can Solve Your Humidity Issues

If you are uncomfortable this summer from constant air conditioning, let us know. The Cooper Mechanical team members are experts in all things HVAC, including finding solutions to balance humidity and ventilation during the hottest and coldest months.

To learn more about humidity and some of the effects from having too much humidity in your home, check out this article from our blog about why humidity makes everything feel hotter and what you can do about it.