Businesses in commercial and industrial spaces know that working HVAC units are essential to the health of their companies. Employees and clients work best when temperatures are comfortable and safe, and a broken heating or cooling system is a sure-fire way to bring work to a very expensive halt.

In the Myrtle Beach area, temperatures have finally crept back up to the 60s after a chilly start to 2016. If the calendar didn’t state otherwise, you might even think that spring is officially here. With the warmer weather comes the usual sign of spring: routine cleaning. Buildings are being power-washed, garages are opened and being swept out, and the pampas grasses are being pruned back. Although your HVAC unit might not be kicking on with heat or cool air in these mild temperatures, spring is one of the best times for scheduled cleaning of your HVAC unit with a Cooper Mechanical Services professional.

After a cold winter, the HVAC units at your workplace are probably thankful for a bit of a break. But don’t let this rest lead to neglect: failing to properly clean your system could mean breakdown later, and you know you don’t want to be out of AC when July or August rolls around in South Carolina.

Spring cleaning of heating and air conditioning systems involves thorough inspection. Condenser units need to be cleared of any debris that may have accumulated over the fall and winter. Things like dried or wet leaves, grasses and weeds can become lodged in the coils and removing them is an easy way to make sure your unit runs efficiently. A Cooper Mechanical Services employee can clear and chemically clean these coils and the air handler during a scheduled “Clean and Service” visit. 

An inspection and cleaning of a commercial HVAC system will also look at wiring, ensuring that winter weather or small animals seeking a warm place have not loosened connections or damaged the wiring. Refrigeration pressure will be checked and a technician will drain pans and lines and add cleaning tablets. If you have new filters, Cooper is happy to install those as well.

In the end, routine cleaning is essential to keeping your heating and cooling system in working order. Cooper knows that the last thing you need is a HVAC failure during our hot and humid summer months on the Grand Strand. Scheduling a cleaning during the spring is a great way to get ready for summer and a chance to identify issues before your unit kicks back into high gear.