Hot Temperatures and Cold Ice

Whether you like your tea sweetened or unsweetened, one thing is certain: Myrtle Beach patrons want it ice cold and with plenty of ice in it. Ice machines, cold display cases, and other refrigeration appliances need to be able to beat the heat. For food service businesses in Myrtle Beach, this means standing up to some heavy use during a long and hot summer season. When your ice machine and refrigeration appliances need repair or replacement, Cooper Mechanical Services has your back. We offer ice machines sales from many of the top manufacturers including Mantowoc, Hobart, and Scotsman.

Ice Machines for Customer Satisfaction and Safety

How about a warm beer? A glass of lemonade without ice? Some foods and beverages need to be served cold or they lose all enjoyment. Sure, you may be able to “get by” with an ice machine that isn’t working at maximum effectiveness, but are your guest happy? You don’t want lackluster service to be a point on your next Yelp review.

Additionally, a bad ice machine or cold display case can be a health and safety hazard. SCDHEC requires all businesses serving food and beverages to meet very specific holding temperature requirements. An old and broken display case may not be keeping foods at required temperatures. Not only do you risk a bad grade from the health department, but more importantly, you risk the health and safety of the public consuming your products.

One of the most common repair issues with refrigeration appliances like ice machines: leaks. Puddling and pooling water around your ice machine quickly turns your business into a liability. Taking care of refrigeration and cooling leaks is important to the health and safety of your customers and employees.

Lastly, a dirty ice machine can be a dangerous ice machine. Moist and damp places are breeding grounds for bacteria and mold, which can pose significant health threats to workers and customers. A professional ice machine cleaning from Cooper Mechanical Services is one way to get your ice machine back in safe, working order.

Ice Machine and Refrigeration Services

Cooper Mechanical Services is Myrtle Beach’s one-stop solution for HVAC, Refrigeration, Ice Machine, Electrical, and Power Generator sales, service, and repair.

The Cooper team has worked closely with Myrtle Beach restaurant, hotel, and service businesses since 1989. If you need ice machine, cold case, or refrigeration service, Call Cooper today.