Hurricane season in Myrtle Beach is June 1st through November 30th with most notable storms coming in late summer and early Fall. Around this time of year folks will start to see lots of information about hurricane preparedness. For us at Cooper, we get a lot of calls before and after big hurricanes about residential HVAC and electrical systems. It’s a topic we’ve covered on our blog in the past, so check out some of the links below for detailed information about what you can do so your home electrical and HVAC systems weather this year’s hurricane season.

Pre-Storm Cleanup and Preparation

In addition to cleaning outdoor HVAC of debris, you may want to also check that your unit is properly secured to its base. Hurricane winds can get above 150mph which can easily move something heavy like an outdoor condenser unit. Make sure the unit is anchored, and if not, consider hurricane tie-downs. You might also want to cover your unit with a tarp and bungee cord. 

Prepare for Going Out

Many readers are likely aware of the list of things to have on hand should you experience a power outage: flashlights, batteries, water, non-perishable food, first aid, etc. But fewer are prepared for how to handle potential power surges. Protect yourself and your home appliances from power surges after full utility power is restores but making sure they are in their off positions while the power is out. The link above also covers some simple strategies for keeping your home cool while you wait to restore power.

Post-Storm Cleanup and Repair

Hurricanes at the beach bring lots of flash flooding which is dangerous and damaging in its own right. If your home has standing water, you may have a flood-damaged electrical system, and it’s important that you don’t enter your home until a licensed electrician or safety official says it’s safe to do so. 

In addition to electrical damage, you might also need to contend with water damage and mold. Mold and mildew after a hurricane pose serious health risks, so always contact a licensed mold removal and remediation professional such as MasterTech of Myrtle Beach to handle it. It’s not something you can let “air out” or spray a little bleach on.

A flooded electrical system will likely need some replacing, but it’s important to request a full electrical inspection beforehand. Structural damage to your home from flooding or high winds can be overwhelming, but Myrtle Beach custom builders like Odom Design can work with existing salvaged structures and materials to renovate, repair and remodel.

Call Cooper for HVAC, Electrical, Mechanical, and Now Generator Services

We’ve been doing business in the Myrtle Beach area since 1989. We’ve weathered all the major hurricanes here and proud to help families and business at the beach keep their homes and workplaces safe, secure, and comfortable. 

If you are looking for extra preparation, call our sister company Cooper Electrical Services. CES specializes in commercial and residential generators that provide automatic, whole-house power in the event of an outage. Keep your HVAC, lights, appliances and everything else in your home on immediately and without the noise and extension cords that come with portable generators.