Who doesn’t want a smaller energy bill? HVAC contractors have practical insight when it comes to improving energy efficiency.

You should really consider becoming friends with HVAC contractors this time of year. When the temperature fluctuates into extreme ranges, your home energy bill is going to show the impact of running your heating or cooling system correspondingly. 

But are you forever destined to suffer seasonal spikes in your utility bill? No! HVAC contractors have a few ways to combat extreme weather that are energy efficient, eco-friendly, and cheap. 

Here are some tips from the HVAC pros: 

1. Get Programmable Thermostats. 

Most people don’t need to regulate the temperature of their entire house – but they continuously pay to do so every day. This is a huge waste of energy and resources. Do you work during the day? If so, there may not even be anyone home to enjoy the effects of your top-notch climate control. Programmable thermostats allow you to pick and choose the spaces you want to heat or cool, and even include a timer setting for when you can’t be home to do it yourself. 

2. Insulate Today. 

Do you feel a persistent draftiness to your house in the winter, or stuffiness in the summer no matter how high you run your air conditioner? Making sure your home is professionally insulated is important for both heating and cooling systems. Improperly insulated homes lose warm and cool air through windows and roofs, which amounts to money slipping through your fingers. 

3. Take Advantage of Fans. 

Supplementing your heating and cooling unit with the installation of a ceiling fan is a very efficient way to regulate and disperse the desired temperature in your home. It’s cheap, stylish, and effective!

For more tips on how to be savvy with your heating and cooling or to schedule an appointment, contact Cooper Mechanical.