The Myrtle Beach area thrives on our tourism and service industry. Our miles of wide, sandy beaches bring millions of visitors each year, and as a result, Horry and Georgetown counties are home to hundreds of hotels, motels, condos, and rental properties. One important aspect of keeping visitors happy is to ensure that each room or unit’s HVAC works properly. After all, guests expect comfortable living arrangements while visiting. The last thing that any property manager wants is an emergency HVAC repair interrupting a guest’s stay. 

Be Proactive and Know the State of Your HVAC

While all commercial HVAC systems have the potential to fail at a bad time, most of these units needing emergency HVAC repair break down because of neglect or poor maintenance. That said, property managers are often curious about which types of problems lead to the highest bills, and rightfully so. Here’s a list of the commercial HVAC repairs for hotels and condos that cost the most. But remember: preventative service and maintenance for your hotel HVAC is the number one way to extend the life of your commercial HVAC system. Early detection of issues through scheduled service usually saves you money in the long run.

Cooling Tower Systems Needing Chiller or Condenser Pump Repair

Chilled water systems are popular in commercial properties like hotels and motels because of their relatively low cost. A chilled water system uses either air or water as an agent to cool the condenser. When these systems fail, it’s because they are mechanically complex (and they usually haven’t been serviced). Mechanical repair or replacement of these components can be pricey. The easiest way to avoid this is to simply to have an HVAC professional inspect and service your commercial HVAC on a regular basis. 

Commercial Boiler Needing Repair

The boiler room of a commercial property ensures that the HVAC system delivers heat and hot water on demand. A broken boiler makes business hard, if not impossible. Fixing a commercial boiler can also be costly. Expensive boiler problems usually involve a condenser failure too. A broken boiler prevents you from keeping guests, and the profit loss on top of the costs of repair can be devastating. As a result, we include boiler inspection and service as part of a customizable service and maintenance plan. When you know the state and health of your boiler and HVAC systems, you can address problems before they take an entire HVAC system down. Knowing the health of your system also allows owners and managers to plan and be proactive, which usually saves money in the long-run.

Commercial Clean and Service Agreement

As a family-owned and operated business in Myrtle Beach, we want the businesses in our area to thrive. For hotels, motels and condos taking care of millions of visitors a year, we know that a clean and comfortable environment is required. Cooper Mechanical Services works with Myrtle Beach businesses to create custom HVAC service agreements. The scope and frequency of maintenance is dependent upon your needs and the age of your HVAC system. 

To learn more about our service agreements, or to talk with us about a quote for HVAC repair, contact us via our web form, or simply Call Cooper