Cooper Mechanical Services has been helping restaurants and food service companies keep their refrigeration appliances and systems up and running since 1989. As a family business in Horry county, we take pride in getting to know our customers, their businesses, and their needs. If your business wants trustworthy and dependable refrigeration service, give us a call.

In our last blog we talked a bit about how critical it is for restaurants to keep HVAC equipment working during the busy tourist season. Every hour closed for repair is money lost. In this post we’ll look at some of our most popular blogs regarding commercial refrigeration. From walk-in freezers to ice machines, Cooper Mechanical Services’ refrigeration experts handle all types of equipment you need to keep products safe and cool.

Tell-Tale Signs of Problems

We often hear customers tell us, “My businesses refrigerator is still running, but it doesn’t seem to be as cold as it used to.” If you’ve got a temperature log, either digital or with pen and paper, you may see changing average temps. Often it is seen anecdotally–the refrigerated butter is softer than usual, for example. Learn more about common signs of refrigeration failure and how Cooper Mechanical Services can help.

Avoid a Failing Score from SCDHEC

Every restaurant’s fear is a sub-par inspection. SCDHEC can shut a business down if refrigeration units are holding proper temperatures. Over 41 degrees and you may be in the “danger zone,” a prime temperature for bacteria growth. Check out this blog post to learn more about SCDHEC refrigeration regulations and how to avoid an inspection that could cost you a lot in lost revenue and damaged reputation.

Clean Refrigerator Coils Yourself

One of the easiest ways to keep a refrigeration unit working efficiently and extend its life is to clean the coils. As long as you can slide the unit out and get to the coils in back, you can clean them with common restaurant cleaning products. Read this popular blog to learn how to clean your refrigerator coils and why it is so important.

Investing in Scheduled Maintenance as a Preventative Measure

Learn about customizable Clean & Service agreements (including refrigeration) for your food service business with Cooper Mechanical Services. Regular cleaning, maintenance, inspection and testing often pays for itself by thwarting big problems before they happen. Service agreements also have the benefit of allowing our team to get to know you and your systems, making follow-up calls quicker and easier.

Getting Faster Service

Cooper Mechanical Services offers 24/7 emergency repair in our service region. We also wrote a blog post about the best strategies for getting quick refrigeration service. Some of these recommendations can even help you consolidate accounts payable and save money as well.