HVAC Installation Cost Estimate

Your home or business’s HVAC system is essential to your comfort. It’s also one of the more expensive systems to replace. The average HVAC system lasts 10-15 years (longer with proper care and maintenance), making it an eventual replacement if you stay in one place long enough.

If your unit is nearing the end of its lifespan, you may be considering the cost differential between repairing and replacing. There are many companies that will push you toward a more expensive replacement. Cooper Mechanical Services aims to educate customers with facts so they can make an informed decision. Though older HVAC systems can be less efficient, there are times when opting for a repair makes sense. 

If the “cost of repair” multiplied by the “age of unit in years” is less than a new unit, it’s wise to repair. If it’s more, consider replacing it. If you’ve decided that replacement makes sense, talk with multiple HVAC companies and choose one you can trust. We’re confident that Cooper Mechanical Services’ honesty and professionalism will be your top choice.

Factors that Affect HVAC Installation Costs

If you receive multiple HVAC replacement and installation estimates, understand how different factors can make an estimate higher or lower. 

Unit Size and Brand: It’s vital that your unit is proportionate to the size of your home or business. Cost is often associated with size, but opting for a smaller unit to save money is a bad idea. All HVAC units are optimized for a specific square footage range. Units should neither be too large or too small for a space. If improperly sized, units may be overtaxed or experience excessive wear from frequent starting and stopping. Additionally, materials and features differ across brands, which may affect pricing.

SEER and HSPF Number: SEER and HSPF values are efficiency ratings that quantify your HVAC units ability to cool and heat during the hot and cold seasons, respectively. The higher the SEER number, the more energy efficient and effective the cooling. The same is true for HSPF. Highly rated units can also carry a hefty price tag, though some costs will be offset by energy savings.

Installation Challenges: A side-of-the-house installation on level ground is relatively easy. Add landscape challenges or the need for an elevated platform and installation costs and time may fluctuate. Because no two installation jobs are the same, reliable companies will provide an on-site estimate. Labor and materials vary, so additional installation challenges can inflate costs. Be wary of flat fees from companies that haven’t seen the installation site.

HVAC Installation in Myrtle Beach

The final factor that can affect HVAC installation cost is the contractor and the timing. Highly-reviewed, and long-standing companies may have a higher labor rate than the company new to the market and trying to gain clients. There’s usually a good reason for this difference, and we believe that honesty and dependability is worth more than the cheapest price. 

If you are looking to replace your HVAC system and want an honest breakdown of the cost, give Cooper Mechanical Services a call. Our dedicated team of professional heating and cooling technicians have been helping Myrtle Beach businesses and homeowners since 1989.