Ventilation is Essential for the Myrtle Beach Restaurant

Myrtle Beach restaurants are home to some of the best southern cooking in the region. From fried chicken and Calabash-style flounder, to crispy hush puppies and golden french fries, Grand Strand restaurants (and Southern kitchens in general) run on plenty of hot grease. One of the downsides of this type of cooking is that the hot oil and grease particles in the air can make your kitchen ventilation work overtime. 

All restaurants are familiar with routine hood vent cleanings as this is the area that typically becomes dirtiest the fastest. But essential ventilation maintenance is more than just a hood cleaning, and a clean and properly maintained ventilation system can improve the overall effectiveness of heating and cooling as well.  

What Do Restaurant Ventilation Systems Do?

Improve air quality: ventilation systems in commercial kitchens improve air quality by removing particulates from the kitchen and exiting them to the outdoors. Smoke, grease and harmful gases from cooking can be health hazards, and ventilation improves working conditions by making the kitchen much more tolerable.

Reduce smells and odors: ventilation also helps to remove strong odors from the cooking area. Strong odors, if not exited to outdoors, may enter the dining room, mixing into an unpleasant environment for diners. Ventilation systems keep air moving, pushing bad air out and cycling new air in.

Keep kitchens cooler: ventilation systems help keep commercial kitchens cooler by expelling hot, contaminated air from areas around ovens, stovetops and grills. A ventilation system will remove hot air and help circulate cooler air, creating a more comfortable working environment.

Remove grease: Depending on how much grease is used in your kitchen, it’s important to use a ventilation system designed for removing the levels of grease present in your kitchen. Inefficient ventilation systems will leave greasy residues on surfaces and create an unpleasant work environment.

Restaurant Ventilation Equipment

Ventilation Hood: Installed over kitchen appliances, hoods exhaust heat and grease from the cooking area to the outdoors. This part of the system uses grease “traps” to capture and contain oil as the greasy air exits. 

Exhaust Fan: Exhaust fans help with air circulation and are installed in places needing strong air flow.

Make-Up Air System: All of the air exited the kitchen must be replaced with fresh “make-up” air. This part of your system delivers outdoor air to keep air pressure balanced. Without balanced air pressure, you’ll notice doors suctioning closed, back-venting, and poor indoor air quality.

Fire Suppression System: Fire suppression is important for preventing the spread of fire, particularly in multi-floor commercial buildings such as hotels. If your restaurant is in a space that requires fire suppression, Cooper ventilation experts can make sure your system meets all fire suppression requirements. 

Call Cooper: The “V” is for Ventilation

Cooper Mechanical Services provides heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration expertise to Myrtle Beach restaurants. We also handle electrical contracts of all sizes, so if you are looking for a restaurant or food service upgrade or renovation, our teams are available to offer turn-key service for all HVACR and electrical systems.