Commercial Refrigerator Repair in Myrtle Beach

If you’re looking for refrigerator repair for your Myrtle Beach restaurant or business, Cooper Mechanical Services is your answer. Working refrigeration is necessary for food safety and customer satisfaction. If refrigerator units cannot keep required holding temperatures, you may receive a low health score from DHEC or even be forced to close until it is fixed. In the end, refrigeration problems negatively affect your business, employees, and customers.¬†

Cooper Mechanical Services can inspect, diagnose, and repair your commercial refrigerator problem so you can get back to making profits and doing what you do best. We work all types of reach-in, walk-in, and display case refrigeration units.

Here are some common refrigerator repairs that we see in Myrtle Beach.

Common Refrigeration Problems

Temperature Issues: Temperature issues are our most common call. When your refrigerator isn’t cooling, it’s the symptom. This issue can result from a number of causes, anything from a bad seal or temperature control gauge to a blocked vent. 

Power Problems: Bad wiring, frayed cords, or even tripped GFCIs can lead to no power. Whether simple or complex, our team includes refrigeration and electrical experts to find the cause and repair your unit, the cord, or your outlet.

Compressor Failures: Dirt, dust, and debris can clog your compressor and affect performance. Your refrigerator’s compressor is what allows it to cool, and since all kinds of grime and dirt can be found on kitchen floors, it’s important to keep your compressor coils clean. Cooper specializes in compressor coil cleaning and repair.

Evaporator Problems: Just like HVAC units, refrigerators use evaporator coils and fan in the cooling process. Evaporator-related problems include ice build-up and clogged drain lines, both easily identified and fixed.

Lighting Issues: Functional lighting is important for worker safety as employees must be able to see refrigerator contents and where to walk in walk-in units. In display cases, lighting helps sell food and beverages when items are lit and cast in an attractive light. Lights not working? We fix that, too.

Myrtle Beach Refrigeration Experts You Can Trust

Cooper Mechanical Services has been serving the greater Grand Strand since 1989. A large part of our business is serving the many hotels, restaurants, and service/hospitality businesses in our area. Cooper Mechanical is an unlimited-license electrical contractor specializing in HVAC, Refrigeration, Electrical, and Lighting services. We provide accurate lead-time estimates on commercial projects, and we offer 24/7 emergency services so your business doesn’t lose profit with down time. Need help? Call Cooper!