Proper insulation can help you save on heating and air conditioning expenses.

Heating and air conditioning operational costs are high enough without taking an additional hit on inefficiency. Keeping cool air contained to the indoor space of your choosing is an imperative part of the heating and cooling process. Without proper insulation, your cool air is just leaking out into the heat of the day. And that is essentially money being drained from your pocket. 

The key to keeping costs down is making the most of what you are already spending. Maximizing the efficiency of your dollar will never feel more satisfying! If you are paying to cool your house down, it doesn’t make sense not to prioritize insulation. A properly insulated home will conserve the temperature more effectively than one with gaps in the ducts or other common insulation problems. 

It’s generally estimated that homes with proper duct sealing can save 15% more energy than homes without. This is a figure that some might dismiss, but consider that heating and cooling expenses make up almost half of the average homeowner’s entire utility bill! That means that proper insulation can have a significant impact on your monthly budgeting. 

If your home or business has a heating and cooling unit that is constantly turning on to achieve a steady indoor temperature, you might need an air duct inspection. If the culprit is poor duct sealing, it’s a simple fix that will have important financial ramifications. But first you have to identify the problem. 

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