If you’re on the fence about a maintenance agreement, get the facts on potential annual savings. 

On average, people who have a maintenance agreement save money on repairs. Just how much money? Let’s look at the facts:

Money in the Pot

First of all, you should understand maintenance agreements come with a fee. This yearly cost is like an insurance policy. You pay a little bit of money upfront for a lot of protection down the line. By paying the service fee, you are investing in regular service inspections and reduced repair/maintenance costs. But that still doesn’t guarantee you will save money with a maintenance agreement. Some might say the peace of mind is worth it, but if you want hard numbers keep reading. 

Protective Investment 

Even if you have no major repairs to worry about in the first year, your maintenance agreement provides money savings in the form of operational efficiency. Just getting the regular maintenance updates included in your agreement will make your unit more energy efficient, reducing monthly bills. So if you have regular inspections, your heating and cooling unit will save energy by staying in top shape. 

So to answer the original question, the amount of money you save with a maintenance agreement can vary. If you have a newer system, the chance that something will go wrong and create expensive repairs is slimmer than with older systems. You might not make back your investment right away. But as time goes on, the savings associated with a maintenance agreement are undeniable. 

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