Properly working heating and air conditioning systems are essential to safety and comfort in your home.

Without heating and air conditioning, modern life would be pretty miserable. In fact, in many cases it would be downright dangerous to try to survive seasonal extremes like heat waves or polar vortexes without a little technological assistance. That’s one of the reasons homeowners need to know as much as they can about the condition of their unit and keep it as efficient as possible year-round.¬†

Regular maintenance and service checkups are essential to keeping heating and air conditioning systems in excellent shape. Unfortunately, sometimes repair jobs aren’t enough – and then the issue becomes replacing your unit altogether. Does that sound like a familiar question you’ve been struggling with recently? 

If so, here are some of the major indications you might need to invest in a new unit:

1. Are repair costs crippling your bank account?

If you are considering a repair job over a replacement, it’s imperative you do a simple cost analysis. Don’t throw more repair money at your current heating and cooling system if the eventual bill will outweigh or even equal the cost of a new unit. 

2. How old is your system? 

If you are dealing with a relatively new heating and cooling unit, you may be covered by a product warranty. That being said, nothing lasts forever; if you’re dealing with an older model you may be facing the inevitability of wear and tear that comes with time. Anything beyond 10 or 12 years and it’s probably best to bite the bullet and get a new system. 

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