Last month we highlighted Cooper Mechanical Services’ designation as a Santee Cooper Trade Ally, which is proudly displayed at the bottom of our website. Today we will look at one of the other designators we are happy to place beside it: the NATE certified logo. If you remember anything, just remember to look for the purple logo of a house with “NATE” in yellow, and know that NATE means GREAT for consumers with heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) needs.

What Is NATE?

North American Technician Excellence, or NATE for short, is the nation’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to certifying technicians in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industry. Founded in 1997, NATE offers rigorous tests that evaluate the knowledge of businesses and technicians installing, maintaining and servicing HVACR units. Moreover, NATE’s standards for technicians are high. Certification lasts 2-3 years depending upon the content specialty area, and recertification requires technicians to complete continuing education hours to ensure those in the HVACR industry with the NATE logo are up-to-date on the latest laws, best-practices and industry changes. Cooper Mechanical Services knows the knowledgeable and professional service is important, and NATE helps us demonstrate that to consumers.

Why NATE Matters

As a home or business owner, you want to know that the systems essential to your comfort are in good hands. The American Home Comfort Study publication found that 94% of homeowners believe having a certified technician is important to them. Cooper Mechanical Services’ NATE certified logo shows that we expect the best from our technicians because your comfort and satisfaction is our top priority. 

Cooper Mechanical Services + NATE = Great!

At Cooper Mechanical, we use NATE to ensure that our services meet the standards of excellence that customers demand and deserve. The purple and yellow logo at the bottom of our website is a symbol of our working knowledge of the heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration systems needed for a comfortable home or workplace.