Do electrical companies have the scoop you need as a homeowner and business manager?

Contracting work with qualified electricians is a necessity when it comes to certain projects. Investing in high quality services and refusing to compromise on safety or professionalism is key in commercial and residential situations.

Will You Be Shocked By Electricity 101?

Electricity is the most widely used power source in the country; the more you know about electricity as a business manager and homeowner, the more responsible you can be about energy consumption. Managing this aspect of your household or business can mean significant savings. 

  • • 40% of all energy sources in the country are used to generate electricity
  • • Electricity can be generated from coal, oil, natural gas, wind, or hydropower – this means production can focus on sustainability as providers shift away from fossil fuels and other finite resources

You Are in Control

Many people feel that they are at the mercy of their electric and utility bills. Feeling that no matter how closely they monitor they energy use, the cost will always be more than they expect it should be. Fortunately, this is untrue. Monitoring your energy consumption carefully can lead to significant cost reductions, especially if you uncover an inconsistency in your meter readings or inefficiencies in your electronics. Make sure to look at the major appliance systems such as heating and cooling units, where hidden issues can become expensive over time. 

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