Commercial services should simplify business operations. 

Commercial services that invest in an economizer are committed to keeping costs down and improving system efficiency. Business owners know that every cost counts. An economizer system has the ability to utilize outside air when temperatures are low enough. This means if your unit is cooling the office or warehouse, it can draw on cool air from outside rather than working to condition air inside the building. This is the basic function of an economizer, to save on cooling costs and increase energy efficiency for your business. 

About Your Compressor

Operating a traditional HVAC unit means the compressor will be running up your bill on a regular basis. The compressor is responsible for cooling air and general temperature regulation. Using an economizer cuts down on operational costs, but only if you make sure it’s functioning properly. If the vents allow outside air to enter the building on hot days, your HVAC unit will actually have to work harder to maintain temperature control. 

About Humidity

Humidity presents a potential challenge for this system. Although the economizer thermostat can accurately measure the temperature of outside air, it is unable to process humidity levels without an additional control component. If the moisture is too high, pulling in outside air to cool a building might not work. The comfort level of cool dry air is much different than humid air. Making provisions for the humidity check will guarantee that the economizer only turns on when cool dry air is available. 

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