Increased Functionality with Smart Thermostats

A “smart thermostat” is a relatively new term to describe programmable thermostats in the internet age. These products gain their “smart” modifier through wifi capability and app-based controls. Wifi-enabled programmable thermostats offer increased functionality, simplified design, and energy saving controls. One setting that is new to these thermostats is “Recovery Mode.” Recovery mode is an energy-saving preset that slowly transitions your HVAC unit from a standby mode to full-power heating or cooling.

Thermostat Recovery Mode Saves Energy and Money

Imagine being woken from sleep, jumping out of bed, and running to work at full-speed. This type of 0-to-60 is energy draining and taxing. The healthier option is a slower start and a gradual build-up to heavy exertion. This is what recovery mode does for your HVAC system. 

Recovery mode is best used for programmed settings when immediate cooling or heating isn’t as important. If you walk into a hot and humid home, your impulse is to get the indoor air to a comfortable setting quickly. However, if you program your thermostat to keep your home at a more economical setting while you are at work or school and to resume your normal comfort level for your return, recovery mode is quite helpful.

Let’s use air conditioning during our hot and humid Myrtle Beach summers. Using the app on a smartphone, you can raise the temperature from your cool 70° to 75° during the hours of 8AM to 4PM while all are out of the house. In order to cool your home by 5° for your return at 4PM, your smart thermostat will shift to recovery mode. It may take an hour to slowly drop your home’s temperature, but it will use much less energy. If no one is there demanding immediate comfort, it makes sense to save energy and money.

Now if you see “Recovery Mode” on your thermostat or app, you’ll know why!

Cooper Mechanical Services for Smart Savings

Advancements in HVAC technologies is better for the environment and your wallet. Cooper Mechanical Services is Myrtle Beach’s solution for the latest in energy saving comfort. We can also help you take advantage of energy efficiency tax credits! If you are looking to upgrade or replace your home or businesses HVAC system, call Cooper today.