Is There a Best HVAC Company in Myrtle Beach?

The easier answer is simply, “Yes, and it’s Cooper Mechanical Services.” But would you take our word for it? Probably not. You need evidence and a third-party opinion.

When someone asks who “the best” HVAC company is, they are looking to find a heating and cooling specialist that is honest, affordable, quick, and reliable. Given the size of the Grand Strand and the heat and humidity of our region, there are a lot of HVAC companies out there to choose from. 

While many will claim to offer excellent service and prices, it’s sometimes difficult to see through the advertising copy.  So where do businesses and homeowners go to find the best HVAC contractor? Usually the web. With an abundance of review sites and web resources to consult, consumers can now make informed decisions when selecting an HVAC company for service, installation or repairs. 

Tips for Finding the Best HVAC Company in Myrtle Beach

1. Visit the Company Website: Learn how long they have been in business, whether or not they are locally-owned, and if they are invested in the community. You can infer a lot about a business by how they present themselves to potential customers. If it looks like someone you think you can trust, dive a little deeper.

2. Check Online Reviews: Look for feedback on Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews, the two most popular platforms for consumers to rate and review companies. Look for patterns across multiple reviews as this is a better indicator than a single exceptional or horrible review. The best reviews are specific about why the service was good or lacking, which is much more helpful to consumers than a simple star rating.

3. Solicit Recommendations from Your Network: Use social media to ask for a recommendation. Like the reviews, encourage people to explain why they liked a company more than another. Again, if you see one name and feedback being repeated, this is generally a good sign. 

4. Ask About Certifications: Make sure the HVAC company you hire invests in its employees. Ask about their certifications and look for certifying symbols on their website. The North American Technician Excellence (NATE)certification is a common benchmark in the HVAC industry.

5. Ask About Labor Rates, But Be Wary of Telephone Quotes: You can certainly ask an HVAC company about standard labor rates or if they have a minimum service call fee, but be cautious. Reputable HVAC companies don’t give quotes sight unseen, so if a company gives you a dollar amount before diagnosing the issue, keep looking.

Work with the Best HVAC Company in Myrtle Beach

Cooper Mechanical Services is a family-owned and operated business that’s been helping Myrtle Beach area businesses and residents since 1989. Our certified HVAC team is smart, fast, and honest. We understand that you’ll need an unbiased opinion, so look at what past customers have said and decide for yourself. Call Cooper–we’ll be here.¬†