Maintenance agreements sound good in theory, but the fine print is even better. 

A maintenance agreement for your furnace needs to go beyond the bare bones. You want to be sure your home heating system is getting a thorough inspection and staying in the best possible shape. That’s why our annual inspection generally focuses on three main goals:

1. Safety.

Investing in a maintenance agreement means you have access to expert technicians who can evaluate the operational behavior of your home furnace. Since furnaces are oil or gas systems, they have an inherent fire hazard risk that needs to be evaluated and maintained. When homeowners have a maintenance agreement they trust, they can rest easy knowing their family is safe and secure. 

2. Efficiency.

By investing in a maintenance agreement, your yearly inspection is much more likely to find operational setbacks and correct them before they cost you money. Over time, furnace inefficiency can spike your energy bill and do damage to your system. The long-term health of your furnace is protected by maintenance agreements. 

3. Preventative Maintenance.

Having a maintenance agreement means investing in the future of your machine. Some of the highest maintenance bills for homeowners come from emergency repairs – problems that blindside unsuspecting homeowners with inconvenience and costs. But a yearly checkup means professionals are likely to spot any developing issues early on and avoid those nasty repair situations altogether. 

In the event that something unexpected does happen to make your furnace go offline, maintenance agreements provide another great benefit: 24/7 emergency response services. 

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