Living by the ocean is a dream for many people, but without a maintenance agreement to protect big investments this could turn into a nightmare. 

Preventative insurance measures like maintenance agreements are meant to counteract the negative effects of wear and tear on your appliances. If you live near the beach, erosion is going to accelerate the natural damage to most metal surfaces. Heating and cooling units are especially susceptible because they are installed outdoors. Beach homeowners are looking for ways to keep their systems running efficiently and maximize their investment. But getting better operational performance out of an HVAC unit for several years is difficult when the elements are working against you. 

Here are a few of the reasons you should consider a maintenance agreement:

Aluminum and Salt Don’t Mix.

Salt is a machine’s worst enemy. It accelerates normal wear and tear on the aluminum condenser coils of your air conditioner, creating excessive rust and corrosion. A maintenance agreement includes provisions for regular inspections from trained technicians to counteract this kind of development so that you don’t spend tons of money purchasing replacement condenser coils. 

Heat and Humidity.

These are two other important factors to consider in the beach environment. Salt can be a killer, but blistering sunlight and excessive moisture in the air can also cause problems for your cooling unit. These elements can also exacerbate corrosive degradation. 

Monthly Expenses.

Not only do you save money on repair costs by investing in preventative maintenance, but you also keep your heating and cooling unit operating at greater efficiency throughout the year. An air conditioner that is fighting against the effects of corrosion takes longer to accomplish simple cooling tasks. This means you are spending more money to stay cool this summer, and those bills can add up over the course of several months. 

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