Myrtle Beach is a humid area, and summers can be sweltering and long. The high temperatures in South Carolina are intensified by high humidity, which can make things feel even hotter, stickier and more miserable. Dehumidifiers are solutions for removing moisture from the air, making life and work more comfortable. They can also help protect your home from damaging mold and mildew, and save you from adverse health effects associated with excessive moisture. 

How Do I Know if I Have a Humidity Problem?

High humidity isn’t subtle. In addition to feel “sticky” and warmer inside, even with HVAC on, you’ll also notice some tell-tale signs of high humidity: Condensation on windows and glass Musty smells Wet marks on walls or ceilingsWarped wood—door jambs, floor boards, etc Mold or mildew If you don’t address the excess moisture problems in your home or workplace, you risk more than just discomfort and unsightly staining. Health problems associated with excessive moisture can cause or exacerbate respiratory problems, and mold can be dangerous, even fatal if untreated. You also risk permanent damage to wooden structural elements of your home or business or damage furniture and flooring, causing expensive repairs.

Dehumidifiers Remove Water Vapor from Your Whole House or Business

When most folks think of dehumidifiers, they picture the small, portable, one-room varieties that are available at most home improvement or big box stores. While these are suitable inexpensive solutions for humidity in a single space, they aren’t effective for reducing air moisture across a number of rooms or spaces. Portable dehumidifiers can also be inconvenient and unsightly. They take up space, must be emptied periodically, and may not project the image you want in your home or office space.

Residential and Commercial Dehumidifier Systems Integrate with HVAC Systems

Cooper Mechanical Services deals, installs, and services whole-house and commercial and industrial dehumidifying systems. These larger units integrate directly with a home or commercial space’s HVAC system. Whole-house systems can easily dehumidify 3,000 square feet and feature automatic sensors and discharge of excess moisture. Commercial and industrial options can serve any purpose from dehumidifying a hotel pool room to keeping a warehouse or storage facility at a specific humidity level.  Dehumidifier solutions for commercial or residential customers can be tailored to your individual needs. There are a variety of manufacturers and price points, from basic models to ones with sophisticated automatic “set it and forget it” sensor technologies. Cooper Mechanical Services offers turn-key service from initial meeting and consultation, through sales, installation, and service. Our dedicated and professional HVAC team is available for 24-hour emergency service.

Too Humid? Call Cooper

To speak to our team about your home or business humidity problem, give us a call or use the simple contact form on our website. Don’t suffer through a hot and sticky Myrtle Beach summer and fall—Call Cooper today.

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