One of the most common electrical and refrigeration issues could be an indication of larger problems. 

When you hit the “on” switch for any powerful electrical or refrigeration device, you might notice a corresponding flicker in the lights of your home. This is probably something you have noticed happening all your life, but never took the time to investigate. Well, fear not! Here is the explanation for why this happens, plain and simple: If you apply a heavy load to circuits that are already near peak capacity, it can draw too much power from other ongoing tasks (such as lighting). While this is a normal occurrence, it’s something to keep an eye on. 

Here are some other potential issues to watch out for when you are experiencing flickering lights:

Safety with Wiring

A slight dimming is not uncommon, but if you experience prolonged dimness in your lights when using other appliances, you might need to get a checkup on the health of your circuits. An electrician can evaluate the safety of the wiring and circuitry throughout your home and guarantee that there is no imminent fire hazard.

Amp Capacity

Know the amp capacity of your circuit and figure out which lights, appliances, and other electrical devices share a circuit. That way you can be mindful of ways to avoid overloading. If you are constantly overloading the circuits when doing normal household tasks, you may need to update your breaker to accommodate the electrical preference of your lifestyle. Many older homes have smaller amp capacity with their circuit breakers because appliances used to be less powerful. 

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