Heating and air conditioning efficiency will take a nosedive if ice builds up on the coils of your unit. 

Unless you live in a breezy, temperate paradise, heating and air conditioning is a top priority. Keeping your system in good condition is imperative if you value your comfort and want to keep operating costs down. One of the best ways to do this is by investing in regular maintenance inspections from a certified technician. But it never hurts to be on the lookout for the warning signs of common problems. 

The Iceman Cometh

Ice build up on the coils of an HVAC unit is a problem that many homeowners face. This happens when the refrigerant inside a unit freezes. This drop in temperature then freezes the natural humidity surrounding the coils and creates a frosty layer that can threaten the performance of your heating and cooling system. 

What to Do?

The natural inclination of many homeowners is to scrape off the ice as soon as they identify the problem. This is the exact wrong move, as the coils are very delicate and prone to damage. Rather than risking damage to the structure of the cooling lines, turn off your air conditioning unit, but keep the fan running. The fan will blow warm air through the system and thaw out the coils. It may take a few hours, but this is the safest way to fix the problem. 

Repeat Performance

If this is a problem that persists, finding the source is imperative. One common culprit is a low coolant level, which contributes to repetitive freezing. Call a technician if you suspect this is the root of the problem! Handling refrigerant is dangerous and needs a sophisticated touch. 

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