Heating and air conditioning equipment – like all electronics – can be extremely frustrating when it doesn’t work!

Like learning how to work the DVR all by yourself or including an emoji in a text to your teenager for the first time, mastering heating and air conditioning can present its own technological challenges. Never fear! When you finally figure it out, you will experience a special triumphant feeling like no other. Here’s some advice to help:

Temperature Control

Human error is the most common culprit when it comes to thermostat mishaps. This is good and bad news for homeowners. Although your pride might take a significant blow, your wallet will remain intact. The mighty dollar outweighs meager human emotions, as every taxpayer knows. But you shouldn’t be too ashamed. Many people don’t realize how to effectively operate their thermostat. Make sure the device is set to “cool” rather than to “heat” and double check that your circuit breaker is on. If these don’t produce results, it’s time to move on to the big guns. 

System Repair

Like all mechanical creations, a heating and air conditioning system is not perfect. If you suspect that mechanical failings are part of the problem with your thermostat, you can double-check your theory with a few tricks of the trade. To check that the wiring is attached correctly, make sure you have shut off the power source. Otherwise you could get a dangerous shock of electricity. Then remove the front panel of the thermostat for a quick assessment with your naked eye. If anything appears to be unconnected or detached, call a specialist as soon as possible. 

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