Electrical and refrigeration repair needs to be systematic and smooth. 

When you are dealing with an electrical and refrigeration issue, the stakes can be high. Many businesses and homes rely on this kind of equipment to keep perishable items from spoiling, and time is of the essence when your walk-in cooler isn’t cooperating. 

Here’s what you need to know in case you find yourself facing a compressor malfunction for your cooler:

Preventative Action

If you are one of the few reading this in an attempt to plan ahead and avoid compressor failure altogether, congratulations! There are proven ways to minimize the risk of this malfunction ever befalling your equipment. With preventative maintenance and regular upkeep from qualified technicians, your walk-in cooler will be thoroughly inspected and problem areas identified before they escalate to full-blown emergencies. To the rest of you poor souls, read on to discover the best course of action if your compressor is already causing trouble.

Compressor Failure?

From high-end restaurants to high school cafeterias, no one is exempt from compressor failure. The compressor is the component of any air conditioning device that “compresses” the coolant before passing it through the rest of the system to create cool air. It’s essentially the heart of the machine, and if this isn’t working, you’ll be blowing nothing but hot air. It can happen to the best of us, so keep a cool head and get a professional opinion stat. 

Conserve the Coolness

When a compressor fails, the products being stored in the cooler only have so much time for a solution to be found. The clock is ticking! In the event of a compressor malfunction, one of the best rules of thumb is to be mindful of keeping the cooler sealed, opening and closing the door as little as possible, and in a crisis, knowing to move food and other items to a temporary holding area until order is restored. 

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