Lightning In Myrtle Beach Is No Joke

South Carolina is still in the midst of hurricane season, and now that we’ve officially moved into fall, Myrtle Beach is beginning to see some yo-yo temperature changes along with the humidity that plagued us all summer.

Temperature and pressure changes in the atmosphere have created some short-lived but intense thunderstorms and lightning so far this season. Lightning strikes have been frequent along the Grand Strand, and strong, concentrated bolts of lightning have already been responsible for some serious injuries as well as the fire that decimated the nature center at Huntington Beach State Park.

Given our location’s propensity for severe storm systems and lightning strikes, it’s imperative that your workplace is prepared for an overvoltage or overcurrent. Surge protection devices (SPDs) are crucial to maintaining workplace safety and productivity in the event of a power surge.

What Do Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) Do?

Surge protection devices protect electronic equipment and microprocessors during voltage spikes by limiting and diverting voltages that exceed safe thresholds. SPDs come in a variety of types and modes of protection. In essence, they act like a kind of electrical throttle and current diverter that can absorb and safely move transient voltage (power surge) to the ground line before it reaches and overloads the electronic systems upon which your business depends.

Why Are SPDs Important?

The modern commercial building runs on microprocessors. From computer networks essential to manufacturing equipment, networked electronics are how we work. When these components are disrupted or damaged, the results range from downtime and stopped production to damaged equipment and facilities. In every case, employers find themselves losing time and money. 

Transient voltage disrupts, distracts and can even damage your business’ equipment. The NEMA Surge Protection Institute found that electrical disturbances and subsequent downtime cost North American businesses and individuals more than $26 billion each year.

Is Your Commercial Space Protected?

For over 30 years Cooper Mechanical Services has been trusted to keep your home and office comfortable, operational and safe. Our experienced technicians and electricians inspect, evaluate and install surge protection devices so your time and money isn’t at stake the next time lightning strikes.