Are you ready to bring in the big guns with a commercial grade refrigerator?

Commercial grade refrigerators are a marriage of form and function. It’s not enough to chuck a big fridge and freezer in the basement of your business and hope for the best. Choosing the best refrigerator for your space and needs requires thought, research, and budgeting. 

Make the Most of What You Have

Ideally, every refrigerator would be like the Tardis from the TV show “Doctor Who” – bigger on the inside than on the outside. You want a refrigerator with plenty of room for storage, but which also capitalizes on space efficiency wherever you place it. Think about how much storage you need and what you can sacrifice on the inside so you find the right fit for your needs. 

Moving On Up

It’s also important to think about how the refrigerator will function: how much space the doors require to swing open, how inconvenient it might be as an addition to the kitchen movement you already work with, etc. You may want to consider a roll away freezer if you don’t have room for double doors that swing outward in a busy kitchen environment. 

Resist Residential Temptation

You might be tempted think that a residential refrigerator will fit the bill – they are certainly smaller and more conventionally designed than many commercial models. But don’t let this influence your decision when you start the process of selecting your refrigerator. Making room for a professional model will definitely improve the standards of your kitchen and keep you in a competitive bracket. 

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