The best defense against pollen is a good offense; home air quality protection and maintenance agreements are a reliable place to start.

When investing in a home heating and air conditioning unit, make sure you don’t overlook the important maintenance agreement. Especially if you have outdoor allergies, this agreement can protect your home and your family from common problems that manifest over time.¬†

People with respiratory sensitivities tend to think of their home as a sanctuary. This is an environment they can control, as opposed to the chaos of the outside world that teems with pollen, grass, and other allergens waiting to strike. But what happens when the outside world crosses over into the safety of your home?

Here’s what the right maintenance agreements can do to keep you protected:

1. Monitor Indoor Air Quality. 

Knowing the quality of air you breathe is essential to figuring out a solution and fighting back against allergens. If you notice sneezing or coughing increases in certain areas, through a maintenance agreement, a pro can help you figure out what might be making these hot zones so different from the rest of the house.

2. Change Air Filters. 

Air filters are enormously important tools in fighting outside contaminants. Air filters are specifically designed to catch micro debris that ventilated air might carry in – pollen, dust, mod spores; you name it! Keeping your air filter clean and regularly updated through a professional maintenance agreement will improve chances of catching unwanted pollen and stopping it from ever entering your home. 

3. Seal Windows and Door Frames. 

Obviously, it’s impossible to avoid pollen completely. But one of the ways you can improve the quality of indoor air is to eliminate spaces between door and window frames where outside air might be flowing more freely than you think. Through the right maintenance agreement, you can get the help you need, often at reduced rates, to ensure your home is properly sealed. 

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