Have you ever wanted to enjoy HVAC in your sunroom, garage, or bonus room? Thanks to the Mitsubishi SLZ-KF Four-Way Ceiling Cassette, comfort for your whole home just became much easier.

The Latest HVAC Technology

The SLZ-KF gives homeowners the perfect balance of custom and automatic HVAC.

To start, four vanes allow for custom, horizontal air flow and allow you to reach specific parts of the room.

mitsubishi ceiling cassette

The cassette features eight individual IC sensors that scan every three minutes for temperature changes, making it ideal for a sunroom HVAC unit. The sensors can detect human presence, increasing with occupancy and reducing to a maintenance temperature once the room is empty. The unit eventually enters an automatic off mode, saving you even more energy and money.

Whether you prefer custom or automatic HVAC, the SLZ-KF ensures the perfect temperature and humidity for your home. 

The Highest in Efficiency

This Energy Star-approved cassette isn’t just sleek, smart, and easy to install. It’s also highly efficient, leading to a better environment outside and in your home. A 3D Turbo Fan runs quietly at 22 decibels, 18 decibels lower than the average library. The SLZ-KF also boasts a SEER rating of over 19, significantly higher than other single-zone energy-saving units.

Unmatched Convenience

If you prefer using a wall mount, you can also use the MHK2 Kumo Touch™ Wireless Controller. This interface features a large, backlit, user-friendly touchscreen.

kumo touch thermostat for sunroom HVAC

Better yet, the SLZ-KF can also be fully monitored and controlled from your smartphone or tablet with the Kumo Cloud® app.

Kumo Cloud® uses a patented algorithm to automatically adjust temperature based on surveys of the room. The app can be linked with many other home technologies too. Some of these include Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices. Transfer fans and lighting can also be used through IFTTT Applet integration.

When paired with Kumo Station®, Kumo Cloud® can even manage third-party furnaces, boilers, heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and ventilators. In addition to all of this, Kumo Cloud® allows you to set schedules and view alarms, all from your smart device!

A Cinch to Install

For such a powerful unit, the SLZ-KF is compact enough to fit flush into your ceiling. Its hanging hooks allow for easy installation in a 2’x 2’ suspended ceiling grid.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect, state-of-the-art sunroom HVAC addition to your home, the SLZ-KF is the choice for you. Call today to find out more about this unit!